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The amazing RC cleaner with it patented foam busting formulation will get quads, drones and other RC models sparkling again.


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RC Magic Cleaner is the specific cleaner for dynamic
modeling that every enthusiast should have on hand. Created
from a passion for modeling, it is ideal for cleaning all
radio-controlled models. The active foam of RC Magic Cleaner
can easily remove any type of dirt, such as dust, mud, dirt,
and grass, leaving your plastics, carbon, or metals shining like

But how to best use RC Magic Cleaner to clean your radio-controlled models? First of all, it is
important to follow the instructions for use to ensure safe and effective cleaning. Before starting
the cleaning process, remove the battery from the model and shake the can of RC Magic Cleaner
well to evenly distribute the active foam. Spray the product at a distance of at least 10cm from
the surface of the model and wait a few seconds to allow the foam to work.
For even more effective cleaning, it is recommended to use a soft brush to remove stubborn
dirt. Once the dirt is removed, dab the surface with a dry cloth and wait for the product to
completely evaporate. This way, no stains or residue of the product are left on the model
For more delicate parts to clean, such as remote controls or FPV lenses, you can use a cotton
swab or a micro fibre cloth to gently remove dirt. In any case, make sure that RC Magic Cleaner



does not come into contact with powered electrical parts during use.
Another useful tip for even more complete cleaning is to use compressed air to remove dirt
trapped by the foam in the most difficult-to-reach areas. Compressed air associated with the
active foam of RC Magic Cleaner can remove dust and dirt from the electrical components of
the model, such as motors or control boards.
RC Magic Cleaner is the ideal product for cleaning all radio-controlled models. Thanks to its
effectiveness and safety, cleaning radio-controlled models has never been so easy and fast.
By following the instructions for use and using the
right tools, you can achieve a professional cleaning
result on every radio-controlled model.

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